Do grandparents have rights? My former daughter in law won’t let me see my grandchildren.

There is no established right for a grandparent to have contact with their grandchildren. Some grandparents get involved in costly and protracted court battles. Sometimes grandparents can have time with the children during their son/daughter’s own parenting time, if they have any. There is a tendency that children can be used as a weapon in an adult battle. Keep the lines of communication open by writing to the children often, texting them if they are old enough to have a mobile phone, or even picture postcards for younger children. You could write a placatory letter to your former daughter in law saying that you love your grandchildren and want to see them, even if it is for a short time. Offer to babysit so she can have some child-free time. Get support from the Be Grand website or  the Grandparents association website