The first day at school is a big step in every small child’s life, and as a single parent it can be just as daunting! We have looked after them 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it is time to hand over our little bundle of joy! It marks the beginni ...
September term is about to start
Changes to what a head teacher may allow
Register for your school to get extra funding
How to cope with more serious disciplinary actions
What do children worry about most?
Support your child to get the most out of their school life.
Your child will benefit from you getting involved in their homework tasks.
It is important to have good relationships with your child’s teachers.
Find out about the National Curriculum, Key Stages and Attainment Levels.
As a parent/carer, you have the skills needed to support and encourage your child to learn, achieve and get the best out of their school experience.
Truancy is on the rise and according to some media reports has reached an all-time record high.
Tips on how to appeal for the school of your choice.