Grants for Fuel and Water bills

cc_alancleaver_2000@flickr_piggybankMany water and energy suppliers have trusts and funds that can offer grants for help with utility bills and sometimes other household bills and necessities for low income families.

Here are a few suppliers that we have found, click on the name and you will be directed straight to their grants information or application forms. If your supplier is not on the list below, go to their website and see if they offer something similar. 


Severn Trent Trust Fund

Yorkshire Water

Thames Water Trust Fund

If you find that you are falling behind with your bills or you cannot afford to keep up with your current payment plan always contact your fuel/utility provider and discuss your situation.

There are also concessions and lower tariff settings if you or a family member has a long term illness or disability or if you are a carer. Contact your fuel provider for further information.

You may find switching providers saves you money in the long run but be aware you will receive a final bill from your last provider. Visit or, these sites give further information re tariffs and charges for most fuel/utilities providers.

It might be that you need to make your home more energy efficient, see the following:

Energy Saving Trust - Website and telephone service offering energy saving tips. Grants and financial incentives available for home energy improvements, see Grants and Offers UK for more information.

EON Energy - Offers sensible and simple advice to help you reduce your bills, see Energy Saving Information.

If the thought of dealing with this yourself proves too stressful, pay a visit to your local Citizens Advice Bureau where they can help you to negotiate with the supplier, offer further help with your debt and to plan better for future bills.