13 weeks later

One Space forum member poignantly writes a poem of separation devastation, then reflects on single parenthood.


My life as a 4, left my door on Sunday January 29th 2012,

My daughter lost her hero, my son lost his buddy,

My heart lost its beat, my soulmate had gone,

My home lost its shine, my garden lost its sun,

My mind lost its purpose, my body lost its keeper,

My rings lost their meaning, my role was not wanted,

My children lost their protector, I lost the love of my life.....


****************** FORWARD 13 WEEKS *********************

My life as a 3, is as happy as can be,

My daughter is my best friend, my son my main man,

My heart aches much less, I'll remember the good times,

My home now feels again like home, my garden is tidy,

My mind is focused, my body is shrinking!

My rings are off, I twiddle no more,

My role is chief Mumma,

My children are surrounded by love and protection,

I WILL find the love of my life.................


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