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Child Benefit is a tax free non means tested benefit.

The New Government have proposed changes to the eligibility criteria for receiving Child Benefit; see the bottom of page for current position.

You maybe entitled to Child Benefit if:

  • You have a child/children aged under 16
  • You have a child/children aged over 16 who continue into full time education/training

If you have a child/children who is aged 16-17 who are registered for work, education or training with an approved body, you may be eligible for a child benefit extension;  Read Child benefit for under 18s who leave education.  


Child Benefit will be frozen

From April 2011, Child Benefit rates will stay the same for three years.


What changes are the Government proposing to make to child benefitin the future?

Currently child benefit is not means tested or taxed: it is a 'universal benefit'.

Any parent or guardian of a child can claim, regardless of their income. The government is proposing that, from January 2013, child benefit will be withdrawn from households with a higher rate taxpayer (the threshold is currently earnings of £43,875 a year though this is set to drop to around £42,000).

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