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Jean Smith is our Child Support expert she has worked with single parents for over 23 years.

With the recent CSA changes Jean has been overwhelmed with queries, she has written some useful articles that may well answer your question, so please read them first before enquiring:  

2012 CMS Child Maintenance Scheme
2012 CMS Application Process
Unique Reference Identifier
Shared Care

This service is funded for Resident Parents/Parents with Care only. Jean is unable to respond Non Resident Parent/Paying Parents so we recommend that you contact National Association for Child Support Action -, who will be able to help you further.

Message from Jean:
I have had a few email enquiries from lone parents who are worried where they can go for help with child support now that the CSA has stopped taking on new cases.
Panic over!
The CSA will continue to deal with existing caseloads from the 1993 and 2003 Schemes until such time as these cases close naturally or the clients sort out their own arrangements for child support or they join  the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). 
The CSA will contact those with existing cases over the next year or so to explain the options available. Eventually the CSA will cease to exist and be totally replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS). 
From the 25th November, the CMS took over the role of assessing all new applications.  It has been taking on specific cases since late 2012 to make sure that the systems and computers are able to cope with the potential volume of clients.
The basics of the 2012 scheme are very similar to the 2003 Scheme but uses Gross Pay instead of Net Pay.  Because of this, the percentage rates have reduced but overall it should work out at about the same amount.
The biggest change is that 50:50 shared care (for 183 nights a year)will mean that no child support is due. If you don't already do so, I strongly suggest you keep a record of all shared care in case there is a dispute later.
I am in the process of updating the CSA section of One Space over the next few weeks but if you have a specific question please contact me via the Ask the CSA Expert below.



















If you are a Non Resident Parent/Paying Parent we are unable to respond to your query. We recommend that you contact National Association for Child Support Action -, who will be able to help you further. (One Space is funded for Parents with Care/Receiving Parents only) 

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