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In the online learning section of the site there are some flash elements that are not fully accessible. The flash content is not essential to the progression through the course.

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Internet Explorer

Text size: from the 'View' menu in the browser select the 'Text Size' sub menu and choose the size that you would like to change to.

Styling: styles cannot be disabled on a per-site basis

For further information check the Microsoft website 


Text size: from the 'View' menu in the browser select the 'Text Size' sub menu and choose whether to increase or decrease the text size. Alternatively you can press 'Ctrl' + '+' to increase text size, or 'Ctrl' + '-' to decrease text size. 'Ctrl' + '0' will reset the text size to it's default.

Styling: to disable styles, from the 'View' menu select 'No Style' from the the 'Page Style' submenu. To re-enable styles, select 'Basic Page Style' from the same submenu.

For further information  Check the Mozilla website